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Meet Nick Vertucci…

Nick Vertucci
“For 18 years as a law enforcement officer I trained to save physical lives. Now as a professional real estate investor I train to save financial lives.”

Retired police officer turned real estate entrepreneur, Nick Vertucci has taken the house flipping process and turned it into a blueprint for profit. Host of Southern California’s #1 real estate investing show “The Real Estate Investing Hour”, Nick has created an efficient system for flipping properties and creating cash flow to build wealth.

The opportunities in real estate today are phenomenal, but so are the pitfalls. In order to cash in, you need a mentor to show you the ropes. Nick Vertucci made his fortune investing in real estate. He’s become a national celebrity sharing his methods, and now he’s working with individuals across America, helping them build wealth using his secrets for no-money-down funding and finding the best properties.